Today’s special

We deliver your favorite food for free in Arad.

Due to the current situation we offer you today’s special consisting of a soup and a main course for 25 lei and additionally we offer you a dessert for 5 lei. We also offer a vegetarian menu!

Order today’s special by calling 0755 800 600

Wednesday’s Special

  • Tomato cream soup with parmesan and croutons / Tripe soup
  •  Pork ribs with golden potatoes and garlic sauce / Penne carbonara

Vegetarian Menu

  • Vegan Energy salad
  • Pea sautee with boiled potatoes and carrots
  • Mushroom stew with rice
  • Vegetarian cabbage rolls
  • Vegetable soup
  • Broccoli cream soup with croutons
  • Mushroom cream soup with croutons
  • Tomato cream soup with croutons


  • Pancakes with jam and vanilla sauce
  • Donuts with jam and vanilla sauce
  • Pannacotta with wild berries sauce

Thursday’s Special

  • Lettuce soup / Beef soup
  • 4 mici with fried potatoes and mustard / Spicy wings + potato chips

Friday’s Special

  • Broccoli cream soup with croutons / A la grec chicken soup
  • Vegetable stew with rice / Chicken breast with Rațio potatoes with parmesan

Saturday’s Special

  • Chicken soup with semolina dumplings / Peasant pork soup
  • Rațio pork ribs with potatoes and garlic sauce / Grilled chicken breast with rice with vegetables

Sunday’s Special

  • Pork soup / Broccoli cream soup with croutons
  • Chicken skewers with potatoes and mushroom sauce / Cabbage rolls with polenta and cream

Monday’s Special

  • Chicken soup with homemade noodles / Tripe soup
  • Assorted skewers with mashed potatoes / Penne with chicken, mushrooms and rose sauce

Tuesday’s Special

  • Potato soup with smoked pork / Tomato soup with noodles and egg
  • Sweet and sour Sichuan chicken with vegetables and rice / Grilled pork neck with peas sautee